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Dickens' Christmas Carol program airs
for last time on OPB radio,
Dec. 24, 2019 at 10 PM

"Victorian Englishman" performs with some historical twists!
  Time travel to the nineteenth-century American West for Dickens classic story,
 new one-man show based on the historic script and performed like Dickens did

"A Christmas Carol with Al LePage," a local Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) production of this Dickens' classic as told by "Englishman Thomas Hutchinson, Traveling Thespian" portrayed by Portland actor Al LePage, that premiered on OPB radio stations throughout Oregon on Christmas Eve in 2010 will be broadcast once again in December 2019.  The radio program includes music and begins by taking listeners back to the early American West of the mid-1800's, and the performance itself is a shortened version of Dickens original public reading script done in the acting-style used by the famed author as well.  LePage does all 18 characters, men and women, boys and girls, in this one-man show, and plays his harmonica, sings a song, and even does some of the sound effects!

"Ten years is a great run for any annual radio program," says LePage, "my only hope is that OPB radio will continue to broadcast another of the many versions available of this timeless holiday story of generosity and personal transformation. These themes are important -- and life changing -- messages we need to hear again and again, and cultivate in our personal lives.  Jonathan Winters' version was broadcast before mine, I wonder who could be next?"

Click this link just below to listen at the time and date noted.
Listen to the show via live streaming ONLY on Decemeber 24, 2019 at 10PM


". . . a more intimate experience of a classic story . . . What a master storyteller!"
                                                                                          Lynne Clendenin, Vice President
                                                                                          OPB Programming (Radio/Television)