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Thank you for your interest in potentially booking a performance! 
ANY TIME, ANY PLACE, ALL OVER THE WORLD!  Open to performing at various dates, times and venues in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Austrailia and New Zealand.  From Concert Halls to Churches, from School Assemblies to Private Homes, from Conferences to Community Centers, I'm flexible and will seriously consider your request.

PERFORMANCES FOR ALL AGES   "Full" 2-hour performance using Dicken's exact historic public reading version
OR my abbreviated "Short" 1-hour performance based on Dickens' historic script
(both the full and short performances are best appreciated both by adults and mature children age 10 and older)
OR my very abbreviated "Child" 30-minute performance for children ages 5-12 (adults like it, too!)

IMPROVISED/INTERACTIVE  Improvisation combined with an interactive approach before, sometimes during, and after each performance is a unique feature of my acting style.  You never know when "he" might engage someone from the audience in dialogue or a dance!

SURPRISES!  There are other suprises which make performances, not only entertaining and educational, but also meaningful and memorable.  For example, he always likes to . . . wait, now that would be telling! 

NEGOTIABLE  Isn't most anything if both parties are open to it!  Performance rates, travel and other expenses can be discussed and hopefully agreed upon to the mutual benefit of everyone.

LET'S TALK!  If you've just read all this, and your still serious about really booking a performance, please contact me TODAY!  Why?  Because you never know, someone else out there anywhere in the world may contact me first about the same date you'd potentially like me to perform, right?   CONTACT INFO