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"Charles Dickens as he appears when reading." Wood engraving from a sketch by Charles A. Barry (1830-1892). Illustration in Harper's Weekly, v. 11, no. 571, 7 December 1867, p. 777.

"Charles Dickens as he appears when reading."
(Harper's Weekly, v. 11, no. 571, 7 December 1867, p. 777.)

There are many "resplendent resources" already available on-line about Charles Dickens,
 A Christmas Carol, Victorian England & Christmas as well.  So as not to reinvent the wheel,
so to speak, some GREAT LINKS to this information are simply provided below.  Bon Appetit!

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His Cunning Manager George Dolby Made Millions

from a Performance Tour of The United States, 1867-1868

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The Book . . .

Original Handwritten Manuscript!

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AND . . .

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